The real reason for driving down to West Virginia was to watch son Tanner compete in the Beast Spartan Race. A Spartan Race is a timed obstacle race but also a sport, a community, a philosophy, and a training and nutrition program. Races are run all over the United States and it’s a real festival with 60,000 people, venders and food, music and activities.

Kids can race too and Avarie and Mackenzie wanted to try the course. 

The girls ran a half mile and tackled the obstacles like real athletes– or maybe they were just having fun.

Mackenzie had to swim through the mud! Good thing we were warned and brought towels and a change of clothes.

Medals and treats and “can we do it again!”

It was time to cheer Dad on– he’s in there somewhere. Tanner ran the Beast Race — Fourteen miles through the woods with elevation gain and loss and 30 different obstacles. 

It was interesting to watch the techniques used to tackle the tasks. We could only see the last few obstacles on the course and after 4 hours of running and exertion, the fatigue the athletes had to push through was considerable. 

Men and women, old and young, pros and first-timers all challenged themselves against the course. It was very inspirational to hear the encouragement and positive attitudes from race officials, athletes and spectators.  

We all had a fun day in this gorgeous mountain location. Three really tired athletes and two exhausted grandparents/parents. I was actually feeling ok with being a watcher cheerleader. The obstacle I wanted to tackle was a large pizza. 

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  1. What a neat & fun event. I’m glad you were there to cheer them on.

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