Groundhog Day

Different day, same Groundhog Trail, and I am again hiking 2 miles straight up to the Appalachian Trail. It’s not quite like the movie. We are not getting a shuttle from Allen. Heck no! Gary and I could not tolerate another ride with him. Gary has dropped me off at the Groundhog Trailhead and will then drive to the next Appalachian Trail road crossing. He will start hiking toward me and we will meet somewhere in the middle. He isn’t concerned with hiking every AT mile, as I am.

It’s such a beautiful day, almost chilly at 52 degrees but plenty of sweating on the ascent to the ridge. So on the drive here, I was contemplating, will this trail feel more difficult because I now know what to expect? On my own, I just keep going up at my own pace, I know I’ll get there. 

I absolutely love it when the Trail follows a long ridge, the mountain falling steeply down on both sides, a gentle breeze blowing through the clearings.

So many kinds of fungus to admire. 

I like wild flowers better but these mushrooms were so colorful and beautiful.

This one is pretty cute too.

It’s been a lovely hike today. Gary has found a nice spot on the way down to stop for peanut butter sandwiches. I wish I could hike for a few more days. The next 50 miles of the Trail north have road crossings conveniently placed at day hike distances and don’t look difficult to find. I love the Virginia mountains. I can’t wait. And woohoo! With today’s milage, I’ve made it out of the 5 hundreds!

Groundhog Trail to VA 635   8.8 miles

493.6 miles to finish

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  1. Congratulations, Terry, on chopping off another piece of the trail. It’s bittersweet though, right? You cherish every bit and don’t want to leave any behind!

  2. Those mushrooms are beautiful! It’s hard to imagine a cool and breezy day here these days. So hot!

  3. Go, Terry, go!

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