I came across these butterfly wing costumes on the Makeit-loveit.com blog. Who doesn’t want wings? My little granddaughters certainly do!

Why do these projects look so easy and end up being…..aaarrrghhh! The colorful wing on the lower right is finished. The upper wing has the first coat of paint. Key words being first coat. The fabric used is a stretchy black athletic-style knit jersey that soaks up paint like a Hoover.

The very excellent directions in the tutorial suggest using foil underneath the fabric because you need to apply the paint, let it soak in and dry. The different colors of paint– even using the same brand, differ in absorption and coverage. 

I set up wing production in the kitchen. After multiple layers of paint– like 5 coats– 4 days of painting, and 2 trips to the store to buy more bottles of paint– the wings were finished. 

I took this photo at midnight. I still had to complete the sewing and construction at about 6 am the next morning because we planned to leave for the drive to Virginia by 8.  

Butterflies fly free! The wings were a huge hit. The drape of the fabric was lovely and the wings fluttered and the costumes fit well.

I especially like the way the wings can fold down behind when the girls let go of the edge. They can use their hands or easily get in the car or on the school bus. 

All the work was so worth it to see the girls spread their wings and fly!

I didn’t have time to make the antennae. That craft project is up next for this doting MomMom. I’ve gathered all the supplies and read through the tutorial on the blog. 

It looks pretty easy…

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  1. Susie Racobaldo says

    Very very cute Grandmom. ❤️❤️

  2. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!!!! girls AND wings. Well done, mom mom!

  3. Beverly Sensabaugh says

    The butterfly wings are absolutely beautiful! I know they will be dearly loved. So worth the time!

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