Two Quilt Days

Quilt Bee met at my house this week. We have all been so busy this Spring, not much Quilting has happened. 

At least Andra had Show and Tell. She brought this large top for Susie to longarm quilt. 

Watching Susie audition quilting thread colors is an education.  She makes her customers happy at Quilts on Wawaset.

Which thread color do you think would be best? At first I thought a light gray but we all liked the pink and also the light blue. It’s surprising sometimes, your first choice on the cone isn’t what you like after you pull thread across the different fabrics.

Can I just say, the key lime pie was delicious. Next time I make it, I’m making two! I agree with the Barefoot Contessa, make something, buy something. So Fresh Market made the salted carmel cookies. Sometimes We Do enjoy deserts … well, all the time, since there aren’t any calories at Quilt Bee. 

The other fun event was the annual auction and luncheon at Calico Cutters quilt guild. The door prizes alone were awesome. I won this Layer Cake! I’m looking online to see if I can find some yardage of the fabrics.

Gary knew I was at the auction so I texted him, “I bought a Bernina sewing machine.” I got an immediate response, WHAT? YOU NEED ANOTHER SEWING MACHINE ? Hey wait– this from the guy who needs multiple different angled pitching wedges? Really? Just don’t hit the ball into the sand trap in the first place, right?  A few months ago I upgraded my machine and he is well aware of the thousands of dollars new Berninas cost. But he doesn’t know that Bernina makes an inexpensive plastic “starter” machine, the Bernette, that would be perfect for my little granddaughters. It’s not often I can put one over on Gary so I even asked him to carry the box in from the car. He figured from the size and weight that I hadn’t taken out a bank loan. Hehehe! Gotcha!

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  1. Christine says

    Did you replace your ‘big’ machine or your traveling one?

    • No replacement…an addition! I plan to give the Bernette to my granddaughters as soon as they are old enough to sew on their own. In the meantime, I’ll teach them with the machine, under MomMom’s supervision.

  2. Hi Terry, It always amazes me the thread that ends up working best on a quilt. And sometimes it is a real shocker!
    Today we had a class by Jane Hamilton. We all enjoyed stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things. She had mentioned that you were friends which did not surprise me–she was so nice and down to earth!
    Hope all is well? Hopefully we will meet up soon- Love Helen

  3. Stephanie Z Hironimus says

    Hi Terry… I always love your blog & I’m ready to run out now and look for a key lime pie for lunch!!

    I was thinking about your granddaughters and wondering when it’s a good time to start my daughter with sewing on a real sewing machine. She’ll be 7 in December… what do you think ??

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