I know– it’s way too early to start looking for signs of spring. 

I found these tiny flowers blooming at Longwood Gardens. Winter Aconite, maybe. We have had some crazy weather here in Pennsylvania. A few days ago, I was sitting on my deck, drinking iced tea, warm sun on my face–65 degrees!

My intention was to check out the Orchid Show at Longwood, but it was such a nice day I decided to walk outside first. I found some surprise “art installations.”

This “structure” has small brass bells woven in the vines and the tiniest whiff of breeze sets off lovely music. I really want this. Do you think Longwood would notice if I carried it out under my coat?

Another artwork, all natural. This reminds me of Girl Scout camp on the wooded shore of Lake Michigan, where I grew up. We would compete in teams to turn old tree stumps into fairy castles. We could only use natural decorations to transform the stumps and the creativity was amazing.

Look at all that texture. My mind just boggles at what the Longwood artists could do with a stump. Of course, they would have incredible choices for materials!

I did see the orchids. 

These long, trailing sprays are huge.

The conservatory is all purple, pink and white, this year.

This could be a quilt. All the composition and design is perfect. Just add fabric and stitching. Boom! done. 

Do I have enough fabrics in those gorgeous colors? Road trip to the quilt shops! I do this every year…

So now it is back to February reality. It could have been worse… we only got about 4 inches of the possible 10 forecast and tomorrow it will be 50 degrees. Bring on the melt!

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