Quilting Hearts

I found this fun quilt on Pinterest. It was made by Wendy Williams and she sold a pattern to make the quilt, although I’m not sure if it is still available. Wendy’s quilt is big — 50 by 50 inches. I wanted something much smaller to hang in the entry in my house. Also, the appliqué hearts are a mix of wool and quilting cotton, embellished with embroidery and couched threads. I wanted a quicker project. 

I blocked out 24 by 27 inches so I could sketch a heart in my finished quilt size. 

I traced the heart shape onto newsprint and cut it in half. I also made a little paper pattern for my first piece and pinned the fabric to the paper.

I cut a few strips and chunks of fabric in very random sizes. My plan was to paper piece in strips, working on both sides of the heart so that I could control the color, as the rounds progressed. Actually, control is not a good word because I don’t have much control since I suck at paper piecing! But this is supposed to look whimsical.  I’m just going with it, winging my way!

Round 1 sewn and pressed. I used a size 14 Jeans needle and shortened my stitches a bit. It makes it easier to rip away the paper. I could have also stitched to a foundation piece of fabric with the heart drawn on it. No paper to rip.

When the paper heart was covered with red strips, it was time to switch to my light gray background fabrics. I just kept adding strips until I reached the size of my quilt outline dimensions.

I sewed the two halves together, layered the batting and backing and quilted on my home machine. It’s actually faster than taking the time to load such a small quilt on my longarm but gosh, my free-motion quilting skills are rusty. 

I cut and fused a bunch of hearts. 

I don’t really like to leave fused edges raw. My first try was to straight stitch on the inner heart edges. 

A tiny zigzag in a matching color thread worked better. I switched to a size 8 needle and used Superior Thread’s Bottom Line. 

I fused the layered and stitched hearts onto my quilt and finished the outermost edge with the same zigzag stitch. It wasn’t all that fun turning the quilt under the needle, but I quilted at the same time and hey, the rest of the background stitching was already done. Yea! I used skinny green ribbon for the heart “stems.” I tucked one end of the ribbon under the heart point, fusing them down together. Then I applied a thin line of Elmers School Glue on the ribbon underside. With my iron, I forced the ribbon to curve the way I wanted it to and tacking it with the glue so I could zigzag it down with stitching. 

Finished! Before Valentine’s Day! Woohoo!

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  1. Your variation of this quilt is fantastic!

  2. Too cute! I love it!

  3. Terry, you are amazingly talented. The Heart quilt is gorgeous.

  4. How beautiful Terry!!! I love your photos, you make it seem doable – looking at the quilt, it seems very difficult! And you got it done on time!!!

  5. Dee Van Ingen says

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

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