Old Dog, New Trick

I can knit. I’m not an accomplished knitter but I enjoy easy projects. Some might think that socks are difficult but they’re really not. My friend Christine, a truly awesome knitter, pointed out that knitting socks requires two, ten minute periods of concentration. Once to turn the heel and again to shape the toe. The rest of the sock is pretty mindless. I can manage that! I made this pair of socks for my granddaughter, Avarie. 

Since she lives in Virginia and I didn’t know what size to make, I had her trace around her feet and send me the drawing.

Before I could finish the first sock, we paid them a visit and I was able to try it on her, in progress. She thought this was hysterical! 

I had a ton of yarn left and I can’t knit a second pair for her sister. Mackenzie requested pink and purple yarn, please. Of course we had to draw her feet, too. I was pretty bored after the second sock, anyway. I thought I’d make a hat for Avarie but the only ones I liked were crocheted. 

Have you seen these hats that are all the rage? They’re called Messy Bun Hats and they have a hole in the top so you can have your pony tail or bun stick out and look cute. I found this free pattern on Daisy Cottage Designs blog in a child’s size and it looked the easiest. 

I don’t know how to crochet past the slip stitch, but hey, how hard can it be? Notice the blog title isn’t “Old Dog LEARNS New Trick.” I am seriously stuck in the learning part. It took me hours of watching YouTube video to figure out how to crochet over the hair scrunchie. That I finely got it done might be mostly a fluke. Then, more hours on a refresher course on single and double crochet. I thought the hat was going swimmingly until I realized a had a whole vertical row of fairly sizable holes where the rows join in the seam. Rats. I don’t know what the pattern means by, “1 dc into the same stitch” which is supposed to eliminate holes. So I un-crocheted back to this point. 

Then I went to Starbucks for a Grande Latte. And the library. I’m going with the old dog, old fashioned way. I can’t listen to that YouTube women’s voice, One. More. Time. 

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  1. That hat is adorable! I would not even attempt it, ever.

  2. Too funny! Love the socks! You make me want to make more socks. I’ll send you a pic of messy bun hat I finished in car yesterday.

  3. Keep at it. You’ll get it. I’ve never been able to finish sh knitting a pair of socks, but luckily I have a friend!

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