Fly Eagles, Fly!

Not the NFL species…bald eagles…the birds of prey and national emblem of the United States since 1782. 

Saturday was a gorgeous day to pack a picnic lunch and check out the eagles that hang out below the Conowingo dam on the Susquehanna River. When the days get cooler and shorter, the eagle population begins to rapidly grow and you can frequently see up to 100 eagles in a day. 

There are lots of people with really big camera lenses and spotting scopes, enjoying the birds and also vying for that big money shot in the Wildlife Photo Contest.

My little iPhone camera couldn’t compete and I quickly gave up trying to get a photo. I just enjoyed watching the eagles overhead, twisting and tumbling in flight, swooping down to grab a fish from the river and then landing in the tree branches.

There were lots of booths and presentations on animal behavior and conservation.

You could have your photo taken with this amazing great horned owl. He was huge! As big as a two year old child and so very beautiful.  

We took a walk along the Susquehanna River and were suddenly surprised to have a large fish drop from the sky right into the path in front of us! An eagle had dropped his dinner! The fish was still alive and a fellow walker threw it back into the water. This displeased the eagle emmensly and he let us know about it from a perch in a tree, cussing us all out in eagle-speak. How amazing! Not so long ago, bald eagles were endangered. Watching these magestic birds and learning about them has been wonderful. They usually stick around until some time in January, feeding on fish below the dam, getting ready for further migration south. I might have to come back soon. 

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  1. Wow what an amazing adventure!

  2. Absolutely agree with Lynne, this is awesome and I had no idea! What a great way to spend a fall weekend. We will need to go sometime and maybe take the grandkiddos. But I definitely don’t want flying fish!

  3. How cool! Our whole family would enjoy that. I will have to look around and see if there are any similar sites in central Indiana.

  4. Lynne Laino says

    This is SO AWESOME!!! I had no idea about this! We used to drive over the dam when we visited our son at the University of Maryland, it’s such an amazing piece of engineering. Bald eagles are so magnificent, thanks for sharing this! Glad you weren’t conked in the head with the fish! Two weeks ago, we were driving south on 202 and there was a lone bald eagle just sitting in the empty cornfield as we were driving by! They are always a magnificent sight!

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