I have two quilts to box up today to send to  the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks, PA. The quilt show will take place Septrmber 15-20 and both Becket Mountain Trilliums and Bike Love have been accepted. And both of them need labels. 

Last May, hiking the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts, there were lots of red trilliums. I rip the pages out of the guide book for the miles I’ll be hiking that day so I can carry them in my pocket for quick reference. I love the guide books! They bring back instant memories and in my mind, I can see those red trilliums I made note of last spring. I scanned this page and printed it on an EQ Printables Fabric sheet to use as part of the quilt label. 

I added the lettering in Pages. I’m a Mac person–Word just doesn’t work for me. Clearly I’m not too good with spacing either, since I cut off part of the S on top and should have pushed the bottom block of lettering to the left to fit the trillium better. Heck. I don’t like computer tasks. Which is why I’ve left them to the very last friggin’ minute. It’s a label. I’m on a deadline here.

Futzed with it and got it a little better. I used invisible thread in the bobbin so the stitching disappears on the quilt top and sewed through all three layers. One done, one to go.

This is how I test my quilts to see if they are going to hang straight and flat. I usually don’t have a problem because my favorite batik and hand dyed fabric is very dense and firm and the Quilting In Layers technique is quite accurate. This quilt was made with Moda and “quilty” fabrics and is soft. See that ripple along the bottom? Not happy with that.  I could hand sew a line of stitching with invisible thread along the binding and gather up that bit of excess. Nah, I made this quilt for fun! I’ll just embrace the quirks. (Did I mention I’m on a deadline? Real reason for lazy.) 

When I started Bike Love, I challenged myself to try for that “Modern Quilt” look. I’m a member of the Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild and there has been an enormous hullabaloo about new rules for quilts entered in the upcoming international Modern Quilt contest. The controversy is about derivative work, and what deritive actually means. Copying, is a less art-speak, definition. I have very strong feelings about this subject but I won’t get on my soap box.  (you think I’ve mellowed? Hah!) Anyway, the label will include my original photo taken with my iPhone of my personal bicycle in front of my own garage door, reinforcing the “original” claim.

I grabbed a bunch of scraps and stuck them to Wonder Under fusible web. 

I ironed the letters I sketched on freezer paper to my fused scrapes and cut them out. 

Spell check. Spacing check.

Done. Now to find a box, fold up the quilts, fill out the paperwork, weigh, measure and print labels and race to the UPS store.

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  1. Lynne Laino says

    How exciting!!! I love both labels – it’s such a tough decision. I can’t wait to see them at Oaks!

  2. Ellen McMillen says

    I’m looking forward to seeing your quilts at the Oaks show! Very creative labels.

  3. Always a joy to see what you share. Not able to make it to oaks but I hope to see your bike one of these days!!! Houston????? 🙂

  4. Terry, I can’t wait to see your “Bike Love” and “Becket Mountain Trilliums” Quilts at the Pa Nat’l Quilt Extravaganza (Oaks, Pa).

  5. Good luck at the show.

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