The John Denver song, “Calypso” played in my head as we sat on the boat. Tres, as in a trip to snorkel three reefs, Sky, Columbia and Palankar. Really, the reef just off shore of the island of Cozumel is one long reef, but some sections are named because of unique coral structures and different marine life. Palankar reef was made famous by Jacque Cousteau in the 1970’s and showed TV audiences a fantastic view under the sea.


There is a steep drop off they call the wall. You can see exactly where it is because the shallow water is the most incredible intense turquoise that abruptly changes to dark navy blue. It is amazingly beautiful. 


I saw schools of bright colored fish, a spotted black and white sting ray, puffy starfish and lots of other stuff I couldn’t begin to name. 


 Back on land, the water was so calm, not a ripple of a wave. It was a perfect day to snorkel. Maybe there will be enough wind to take the hobi cat out another time. 

Time for a “sundowner” to reflect on the day and offer a toast to the beauty of the envirnment, vacations, relaxation and to each other.

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