Art Show

I’ve been home from a wonderful vacation in Mexico for 4 days. I knew I’d have to face the music the minute I walked in the door. I promised a quilt for the Malvern Retreat House Art Show that needed to be delivered on Monday. The quilt wasn’t finished!

I had finished appliquéing the center squares before I left.

I had the blocks sewn and most of the appliqué pieces together but I still needed to make several sets of leaves. Arrrghh! We were to arrive late Saturday night and I would have all day Sunday to finish. Very tight on time but possible. However, our connecting flight was cancelled and we spent the night in Charlotte, not getting home until noon on Sunday.


Full on panic mode! Before I sewed the center squares, I tacked up my freezer paper templates and took a photo for reference. I don’t usually work this way, I have the composition fully planned on my full size paper pattern. Otherwise, I’m putting up and taking down the blocks too many times. 

I dropped the suitcases in the hall, continued waking to the studio, throwing over my shoulder, “Gary, go to the grocery store and get something for lunch. Oh, and dinner is on you.”  I started making leaves and fusing the trillium flowers onto the quilt top. 

I had to machine quilt all the flowers, leaves and stems. 

Lucky for me, the quilting was going very well and I was in the zone until about 7 o’clock when my wonderful husband announced dinner was ready, complete with a glass of red wine (just to prevent lint lung, you know.) That gave me enough of a power surge to finish the detail stitching, make the facing for the binding, sew it on, along with the sleeve and declare, “DONE!”  Well after midnight. Yawn….



The lighting was not very good Monday morning to snap a quick photo. I drove to Malvern to drop my artwork off at my appointed time of 9:30. I was suffering from a serious caffein deficit and totally forgot the hanging slates! Aarrrghh! I had to drive all the way back home, hack saw slats and screw in eyelets for the hangers. On the return trip back to Malvern, I realized you just can’t drive on gas fumes and slid into the gas station, which was right across from Starbucks. Boom! Life is good.

Tonight is the Artist’s Wine and Cheese Reception. I’m going to enjoy a glass of wine and get one for Gary, too.  If you are in the area, do come and see wonderful artwork in many mediums and support a worthy cause at Malvern Retreat House.

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  1. Lynne Laino says

    This is absolutely stunning!! I just love the colors, especially the reds!! Your work is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. Stunning quilt! Wow, just wow! I love trilliums and your colors are just perfect!

  3. Ginger Emerson says

    It is so beautiful. I wanted to see it in person, but don’t think we can make the show. Last minute masterpieces are sometimes the best! I love it. Can’t wait to hear about the reception.

  4. Could be my favorite trillium quilt. I wonder why. I love the ‘electric’ intensity of some of the threads. Well done! Awaiting the reception report.

  5. Unbelievably beautiful! What a piece of art. And you know I love trilliums! I hope it is brings in a lot of money for the Malvern Retreat House.