Braggin’ It Up

Did you think this was going to be about a quilt! No, but stay tuned on that… Moms get a free pass on bragging about their children, right? (Grandchildren, grand dogs and quilts, too). This is my daughter in Aunt Kira costume with my granddaughter, Mackenzie.
In her professional life, Kira is a model and just did a television commercial for Old Navy! I've seen it several times on ABC and NBC. She has done television spots before but this time, she has a speaking part. Every time Gary sees the ad, he says “What did she say?” And I say, “Distressed.” Clearly, he is not the target market for Old Navy jeans, but he loves watching his daughter. Me too!
Take a watch and have a listen!


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  1. Oh my gosh how cool is she?!!! And she gets to work with Julia Louis-Dreyfus!!! Who just won an Emmy for Veep! (Haven’t seen that but I’m we are huge Seinfeld fans in my house!). Kira is so beautiful! Now I can tell my family that my famous quilting friend has a famous daughter too!!!

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