Eat Drink Read

I did something really fun last week. I participated in the Hockessin Book Shelf's event called Eat Drink Read. First, read the selected book, Neverhome by Laird Hunt. Second, grab a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage. Third, participate in group discussion while enjoying dinner, with menu inspired by the book, at Chef's Haven restaurant.
Chef Mark Eastman started us off with a delicious chilled corn soup. I got a nice seat right in front and learned what brunoise means–a mixture of vegetables that have been finely diced, then slowly cooked in butter. I think the word is French for “dang yummy.”
I was nervous about the menu. Neverhome is about a woman, disguising herself as a boy, to go off and fight in the Civil War. Although the story is fiction, history has documented somewhere around 400 women who actually fought as soldiers, not nurses or attendants on the battlefield. Ash/Constance, our heroine, is a crack shot and is recruited to shoot squirrels for stew. I've never eaten squirrel… I noted several times pork was mentioned and was happy to be served pork barbecue on sour dough bread.
Rebecca Dowling, Hockessin Book Shelf owner, leads the talk for our group of ten. I have gotten away from focused book discussion and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing others insights and opinions. We all rate the book at the end, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being “fantastic, loved it.” There were 5 ratings, and a 1, I think. I gave Neverhome a 3.5. I loved the voice of Ash, the author wrote her personality and time period into her words so beautifully. I liked the layering of the action with introspection into Ash's character. I felt the story was dark and thought the ending was appropriate but as horrible as the war scenes.
At the conclusion of the evening, Rebecca pulls a name from the hat and gives away an Advance Readers Copy of a book, waiting publication. I won! I am so excited to read The Muralist. I read the author's first book, The Art Forger, in about one sitting–it was that good.
I had a wonderful evening, meeting new people, learning things, exercising my brain, good food and wine. Oh, and desert was awesome– strawberries with and whipped cream and dolce de leche. Is that Spanish for dang yummy?



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  1. Lynne Laino says

    What a wonderful idea this is, good books and good food and in my home state too!

  2. Christine says

    Wonderful review of a fun evening. This sounds right up your alley in any language. I think I would enjoy Neverhome and want to read Art Forger…on my list. I’ll wait for your next report on your prize book.

  3. Cheryl lynch says

    This sounds like it was right up your alley. Glad you enjoyed.

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