Car House

I've always wanted to drive an RV across country on an exploring vacation. The lure of the open road, everything we need with us, no schedule, just freedom to experiance what comes our way. Gary is less enthusiastic about this plan. “How about trying a week-long trip first?” always said using that Voice of Reason tone.
Ok, good sense and reason prevail. As a Father's Day surprise, I rented a 30 foot RV and planned out a trip to Virginia, loading golf clubs, bikes and fishing poles and including two cutie grand kids. Nothing wrong with stacking the deck for success.
Off to a great start, Gary pretty quickly got the hang of driving a huge cube of a vehicle with no excelation to speak of, on the gentle back roads of Lancaster county. I'm the helpful passenger reminding him, “this is not a Porsche.”
Since we got on the road about three hours later than planned, it was black dark night when we reached the mountains of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Did you know it is possible for dense, pea soup fog and torrential, driving rain to happen at the same time? Oh, now throw in gusty wind, low hanging tree branches and a very black bear running across the road… “S*#t! Was that thing a bear?” “Yeah! We missed him!” Yup, it was an auspicious start to the trip.
No one slept in the tent.
Not with a fun loft to sleep in, big enough for three.
Outdoor showers are better than inside showers.
Especially after sticky pop sickles.
We parked our “car house” in the campground at Pipestem Resort in beautiful West Virginia, on the top of the mountain. We took the tram down to the excellent restaurant deep down in the gorge.
On the way down we saw a waterfall, a raccoon and two deer but I was enjoying watching the little girls too much to snap pictures.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner overlooking the river we crossed in the tram. Gary had scallops, Tanner ordered steak au poivre and I had beef braciole. Very appreciated after camp fare of hot dogs.
Many years ago, Gary's mother made this cookie jar for my children.
It seemed like Father's Day was the perfect time to pass it along to my son and grandchildren.
I hope I have also passed along an appetite for adventure and a love of the outdoors to my granddaughters. This trip in the “car house” was a fun beginning. Maybe someday we'll sleep in the tent!



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  1. Christine says

    Beautiful, just beautiful! The nature, the family, the telling of it all! I think you write as well as you quilt…and that is saying something!!!!

  2. What an adventure! I can’t wait to hear more. I think you’ve inspired us!

  3. The cookie jar story made me all teary! Looks like the girls had a blast!

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