Shenandoah Day Two

Darn. We woke up this morning to steady rain. Hiking in rain is just not fun. Since Laura and I are “Glam” hiking this section of the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah National Park, we don't have to hike and get soaking wet. We have a leasurly long (and too big) breakfast in Big Meadows Lodge dining room and then drive to the Visitors Center, a great place to spend some time learning about these beautiful mountains.
After lunch (also too big) we decide to chance a break in the rain and hike a few miles to work off some calories.
The woods is a magical place in the mist. I love how quiet and contemplative the trail is. The rain has darkened the trees and brightened the foliage and the high contrast is lovely.
I spotted a red eft, working his way across the trail.
The very best discovery! Two blooming yellow lady slippers! I've only seen one yellow lady slipper before in all the miles I've hiked, so these are special.
Driving back to the lodge at the end of the hike, the Skyline Drive is totally blanketed in fog. Laura and I are the only cars on the road and deer are everywhere– on the sides of the road, leaping into the road, running across the road. I'm driving about 5 miles an hour and only see them at the last second, the fog is so thick. Well, that was an experience.
Bootens Gap to Lewis Cabins
Miles hiked 3.3
Bears sited 0


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  1. Christine says

    Lovely report! Almost as good as being with you.

  2. I am in awww with your adventures! I also see you walk with your “eyes open” which shows in your beautiful creative quilts!

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