This is why I have a stash. Sometimes I need to just pull out some fabric and sew. I bought the floral fabric and coordinating solid green and blue at Roundabout Quilt Shop a few years ago. Gosh I miss that shop.
I've been wanting to try out this Quick Curve Ruler. Kelly at Pinkadot Quilts made a lovely quilt and demonstrated how to use the ruler at a meeting of our Guild, Calico Cutters. It's fun and easy! I'm really impressed by how little waste of fabric there is. There are so many ways to set the blocks, I'll be trying out ideas on my design wall as soon as I make a few more.
I've caved. I vowed that I wasn't going to garden this year but I couldn't resist these lovely green lettuce plants. And then I threw in a few lettuce seeds. I only like gardening in the very early spring and at harvest time. That in-between, hard work part, I want someone else to do. Nobody is steppin' up.


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  1. Catherine says

    Oh, I’m struggling with the Quick Curve Ruler. Your quilt looks beautiful! Good for you to find it easy. I also miss Roundabout. It was an enchanting shop. What a good idea to plant the lettuce in pots! I’m not sure if I want to garden as the deer are already eating everything! They are coming right up to the kitchen door.

  2. Christine says

    I like some missing spots in the layout. You are ahead of me for gardening. Soon…..

  3. Awesome, you broke out the ruler! You will have a lot of fun with it.
    I miss Roundabout too!

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