Bobbins on Steroids

My daughter Kira, sent me photos from Central Park. Now that's what I call BOBBINS!
This is an art installation called Desire Lines, by Tatiana Trouvé. I really wonder how many people look at this and don't immediately think of sewing? Quilters ceretainly would! Trouvé measured the paths in Central Park, identifying 212 separate walkways. Each “spool” is wound with rope equal in length to a corresponding pathway.
In addition to labeling the spools with the location of the walk, Trouvé associates each pathway with a title and reference from history or culture that relates in someway to walking. An example is the path from Mariners Gate to Summit Rock. A walker is invited to contemplate the song, “Walk on the Water” by Credence Clearwater Revival. Music from my past that would be playing in my head, as I remembered that time in my life.

How cool to weave together ideas and images that can be enjoyed on physical, mental, visual– many different levels. I hope I get a chance to experience this installation, available through August 30, in person. I see gorgous colors of thread on those huge bobbin spools! And anyone who knows me, knows I love thread. Like candy for quilters with no calories!
I spent a wonderful day on Friday, teaching Quilting in Layers to Hunterdon County Quilters. I was so engaged in the beautiful quilts they were working on that I never got a chance to take photos. I hope they send me pictures because there is real talent in that guild! Thank you for inviting me, I had a wonderful time getting to know you all. Now if I just had my thread inventory counted after the sales from two workshops…I could actually go for a walk!




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  1. Christine says

    What a cool installation. Ok, I’m humming “it’s a Long Way to Tipparary”. What about doing this for segments of the AT. Now we’re talk in’ bobbins!!

  2. This installation looks so cool. Thanks for sharing it. I’m heading to NYC and will make certain that I head to Central Park to see it.

  3. Not sure what it is about a display of bobbins that convey a sense of serenity. Strange–I know!!!

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