Color Choices

Color is such a personal choice and many quilters lack confidence in this skill. Color is absolutely my favorite part of quilting. I've always loved color, being smitten by that first box of new, lucious Crayola crayons. When I teach a Quilting in Layers Workshop, I ask a student struggling with color, “How do you like color? Do you like, In Your Face Bold? or do you prefer more subtle, blending colors? Usually there is a preference and we can build on that.
Clearly, I am a “subtle” lover and I strive to make compositions with monochromatic or analogous color plans.
Joen Wolfrom is a color master and I think I have learned as much from her new book as I did from the first edition, many years ago. The examples of color ways illustrated in quilts are fantastic. Joen has a Craftsy class available also.
I got to meet Joen and talk with her in Houston last October. Don't our shirt colors look great together!
I am so honored to have my quilt “After the Ice Storm” on the “Blues” page. Joen uses the phrase “quiet elegance” to describe the quilt. I am trying to achieve the same mood in my quilt under construction. Walking in the woods in early spring, the colors of green and brown are soft and blending and the sky tones are tinged with turquoise. It's very conducive to slipping into a contemplative, reflective frame of mind. It's so special to catch sight of the first trilliums blooming, quietly elegant.
I have the most beautiful piece of silky, light pink fabric for the trilliums. I probably didn't buy enough… But that could be a good thing and force me to use different fabrics in the mix.
I love this “canvas.” I am keeping the size and block configuration the same in these quilts because I am working in a series and I want to learn as much as I can about the composition by limiting some of the design decisions.
I've been reading the blog of an award winning long arm quilter. Her quilting is amazing but I never like her color choices. Often the judges don't care for them either. She shares the comments from the show competitions and is very vocal and opinionated in stating how wrong it is to be judged on color. Really? My favorite ribbon ever won is “Best Use of Color!” This quilter believes quilts should be judged on construction and technique alone. I think it's nothing but sour grapes on her part. Color is the first thing I see, respond to, linger over and savor, and yes, I struggle with color, too.
I cannot even imagine taking the color out of quilt critique!


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  1. Color either welcomes you in or slams the door shut! That is not to say that I can’t look at a quilt and imagine it in colors that would appeal to me. And I always appreciate when the quilt contains skill and knowledge. But color comes first! Your coloring is beautiful as well as as skill and talent!

  2. I agree, color or lack there of is the first thing you see when looking at a quilt. It either draws you in or turns you away.
    Your piece is looking good, so it’s trilliums?

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