I think we have surfaced because I can see blue sky! And I can hear neighborhood kids outside playing, happy for a “flood day” off from school. Kennett Square, Pennsylvania got seven inches of rain yesterday. We even made national news! Everything, everything, everything, everywhere is flooded. Kennett Square, the Lake District.
We have power but no cell phone or internet. Our land line telephone does work and a friend called Gary to let him know they have opened nine holes, of the three courses, where they play golf. So Gary and Jim have spent the last forty five minutes trying to plot a way to actually get to the country club. Any route involves getting across the Brandywine River and every bridge they know of for miles in each direction is flooded out. The country club is pretty near the Brandywine. I'm really wondering if he is considering the kayaks in our garage…


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  1. christine says

    Oh, BOYS!!!! the thought of them plotting to not miss a day just made me giggle. i hope they didn’t plug every ball they hit!

  2. Pretty pretty flowers! Do I see Virginia Bluebells in there?

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