On the Frame

On Thursday I went to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Show.

This is a section of a whole-cloth quilt by Kay Bell that was one of my favorites. Oh my gosh, the machine quilting was just amazing.

And how about the stunning machine quilting on this quilt. I have to look up the name of the quilt maker and the prize she won at the show. I couldn’t get a photo of the whole quilt without including admirers! Her artistry leaves me breathless.

This is the quilt on my frame at the moment! No way am I showing any details of the quilting! I can only aspire to beautiful heart-topping long arm quilting as I struggle to create even simple designs. A very good and brave friend let me practice on this quilt she plans to donate to charity. When I get done with it, it may be relegated to “dog bed” status.


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