Not Again … AGAIN!

I received lots of comments about flowers on my last blog post. Unfortunately I couldn’t answer each individually because they failed to come to my email directly…. AGAIN. Apparently the gremlins are back. I really like answering comments from email instead of responding on the blog because often I have a relationship with the Commenter and I want to add a personal note. I do so appreciate your reading and I’ll answer comments here on the blog until I figure out how to outsmart those rascals screwing up the formatting. 


Who was it that said “It’s deja vu all over again.” Yogi Berra? A few weeks ago we had a hugely overgrown tree, whose branches were scraping the house, cut down and the stump ground out. The landscaper left a nice big hole. After spending days driving all over the country searching for the perfect tree, we decided on this pretty red bud. Gary hauled it home with the trailer cart and planned to just dump it in the hole. 

I was standing beside the hole, dispensing advice in my role as Critical Position Expert, when the tree’s big rootball rolled and the trunk of the tree fell on me, sweeping me down into the hole. In the photo that tree looks small and innocent but let me tell you, it struck me like a freight train, breaking two bones in my wrist and causing hairline fractures in my foot.  


Hey wait, didn’t I say last year when I broke my ankle that I was never breaking another bone? I did say that. And now I’m saying it again. So I’m gimping and limping and cursing this cast that I swear weighs at least 50 pounds. I chose the lovely shamrock green color because we decided not to postpone our trip to Ireland. We planned to hike the Dingle Peninsula with our friends, Laura and Tim. Switched that to renting a car and driving the Dingle Peninsula.

Since I have some time on my hands — sigh, and I’ve gotten tolerably good at left handed hunt and peck typing, I’ll do a few posts on our trip because Ireland is stunningly beautiful.

Just sayin, — I’m never attempting to plant anything larger than parsley again.  Ever. 

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  1. So sorry to hear about the incident with the tree! What a bummer to spend vacation and the summer in a cast…hope that Ireland cheers you up a bit. If you get a chance to go by Kinsale, it is absolutely lovely!

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    So sorry to her about your accident! At least you’re stylish in your green cast. Sounds like a wonderful trip to Ireland – and I know you’ll bring back some awesome pictures and great quilting ideas.

    • Thanks Leslie, I’m imagining you picking a cast color— (Hoping you never need a cast) What? They only come in single colors?!!! But I need purple and pink and yellow!

      • Leslie Skibo says

        Took a walk at the beach on Saturday, tripped and kissed the sidewalk. Lots of blood, a sprained wrist and a mangled face BUT I have all my teeth! Looking into bubble wrap clothing – and helmets.

        • Leslie noooo! I’m so sorry and I feel your pain, sistah. Protecting the teeth was brilliant. Can I put in an order for a bubble wrap suit and matching helmet? I’d like green please.

  3. Donna Thomas says

    OH NOOOOO!!! At least your spirits are still up! Hope you have a great trip! Get well soon!

  4. Dee Van Ingen says

    Terry – what a BUMMER to have this happen!!!!!!!! And with your Ireland trip looming in the not-so-far-off distance………. DO TAKE GOOD CARE of yourself (and may I should say BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!!)………may quick healing take place! ENJOY your trip to Ireland…….A trip of a lifetime!!!!!!!!

    BTW……..hope you saw Peggy’s “work of art” for our Georgetown, DE pastor!!!!! She did such a beautiful job and he and his wife were overwhelmed with the work that took place on two pieces of her loving talent! So happy I was able to see it since we no longer live at the beach……

    • Hi Dee. Peggy sent a photos but I didn’t get to see her quilts in person. Such a lovely way to celebrate and remember the congregation. They must have been thrilled!

      I’m hangin’ in— pretty darn frustrated but it’s hard to get mad at a tree!

  5. Gail Morgan says

    So sorry for your mishap. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of Ireland.

    • Hi Gail, the photo at the top is for you— some specific hydrangea variety at LW. Not sure if the blue is natural or if LW nitrates something to ensure that color. I just hot 2 “Pinky Winky” hydrangeas that go from blush to rusty pink. I love hydrangeas!

  6. Oh Terry, that just plain sucks but the green cast is pretty and will brighten your Irish travels…

    • I didn’t know you got a choice of colors. She offered yellow, orange or purple. Not my color palette! Lucky for me she found a green in another treatment room.

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