Cliffs of Maher

The Cliffs of Maher is Ireland’s most visited natural attraction. I was hoping for good weather because much of the time the wind is fierce and sheets of rain make walking along the path a miserable experience. We lucked out! We could see the Aran Islands, Galway Bay and Loop Head to the south. Sadly, we didn’t have binoculars to watch the puffins that nest at the base of the cliffs, all I could see were tiny floating dots. 


The Cliffs rise 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and there is no way a photo can capture how dramatic they are.  They must make a good backdrop because they feature in many movies and TV shows such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


There are are no guards or fences and you can stand on the very edge— I can’t even imagine walking here on a windy day. Near the Visitor’s Center, there are two “Contemplation Rooms” provided for people considering a leap…   a very sobering thought. 


Our thoughts were about lunch. You’re never far from a lovely pub in Ireland. Someone told me the difference between a pub and a bar is, the bars don’t serve food. Humm. I always looked to see if pub or bar was part of the name so I didn’t go hungry but that distinction didn’t hold true. Guinness and delicious food were always available.


The Aran View Country House was our stop for the night. The other side of the road was crashing waves of the Atlantic. We always strived to arrive in time for tea and “biscuits” — cookies!

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  1. Marsha M says

    Hey Terrry, How long will you be in Eire We are heading over and arrive Wednesday morning in Shannon. We will be in bunratty till the 15th and then join a tour. Do u have suggestions for quilt and fabric shops? Beautiful photos.

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