Can I just tell you how much I appreciate a direct flight? Flying “over the pond” Gary and I have refined our plan after many trips. Leave on a late evening flight, sleep on the plane (yep, I can do that) arrive in Dublin early morning, with a full day ahead of us. After picking up our rental car — and a panicky orientation to steering wheel on the right side and driving on the left side of the road, with a stick shift — we set out for Athlone on the river Shannon. 


Athlone is just about 2 hours drive from Dublin and perfect for arriving about noon. We check in at our hotel, pretty tired but ready to power through a pub lunch and a short walk about town. We’ll come back to Sean’s later this evening after a few hours nap. This is our proven method for dealing with jet lag. We allow ourselves just 3 hours to snooze, force ourselves to wake up and then reset our biological clock by going to bed at the normal time. 


Sean’s Bar is believed to be the oldest bar in Ireland. I wondered if I’d see that claim again?


Sean’s was great! We heard traditional Irish music and enjoyed a pint or two of Guinness. Purely to help with the jet lag, of course.



The next morning our drive looked like a lunar landscape. The hills in the distance are called “ The Burren“ meaning “ a rocky place,” encompassing  116 square miles of rugged, vast slabs of fissured limestone. This might be the only scene in Ireland that isn’t verdant green. 


Gary spotted a small parking lot for a hiking trail. Hey, he said, it looks like we could drive up there.  Uh… yeah, but turning around was another thing.


Totally worth it though because the view was amazing. 

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  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time🍺

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