Bike Love II

When I got back from Florida, I had a backlog of customer quilt tops, waiting to be quilted. Time to pay the piper for loafing in the sun. So for the past several weeks, I’ve had pedal to the metal on the longarm. Well…a longarm sewing machine doesn’t actually have a pedal, but let’s go with that metaphor for a moment.  A few years ago I made this quilt about my love of biking. I like pedals, and pedaling.


Remember how crazy happy you were when you were a kid and you got a new bike? I can tell you, that over-the-moon joy is the same feeling even when you’re — um, older. I rode my daughter’s bike in Santa Monica and was so comfortable on the up-right geometry and step-through frame. No hunching over or high bar to swing a leg over. I did a lot of research and test riding— the Golfer was exceptionally patient. I finally decided on the Trek Verve. I’m in Bike Love again!


We took a ride on the Jack Markell Trail in Wilmington, Delaware. The wildlife bridge is now open and crosses the Christina River and surrounding marsh areas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bike bridge this wide. Awesome. 


The Trail is almost 8 miles long and travels through the Peterson Wildlife Refuge. 


The Trail connects the Wilmington Riverfront and New Castle Battery Park, and adjoins the DuPont Environmental Education Center.

It was a beautiful day to ride along the Christina River. Good thing I got all those quilts finished because it’s Spring and I have a new bike and the Trails are beckoning!

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  1. I love the bike quilt. I also bike. I live in Florida so I am very familiar with the Withalacoochee Trail (or however you spell it) I just spent a week on a Bike Florida Spring Tour, 6 days of camping (or hoteling) and bike riding. It was in Brookesville and Inverness this year. Beautiful area.
    Anyway. I am looking to make a quilt for my bed and am looking for a “bike” themed quilt and thought your bike quilt would be perfect. Is the pattern for sale?

  2. So i still can’t reply on digest format like I can on most other blogs… but WOW! You pulled the cord! Way to go!!!! Need to meet up! I haven’t tried biking yet with this darn shoulder..will try soon.

  3. My sister works for Delaware Greenways and was telling me about that trail. Love your bike color

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