I have been looking forward to a daily walk. I just have so much trouble getting motivated in Pennsylvania when it’s cold and gray in winter. I admit it, I’m a fair weather walker and I’m totally enjoying my sunny, warm morning stroll.

Now this is what I’m talking about! I have either a 9 or 18 hole window of time to sew while The Golfer is out.

How about doing some laps in the heated pool? Vacation calories add up fast!

The screened porch is a lovely reading spot and I devoured this book. Maybe not the best written literature but the interwoven story of two women, one in present time and the other living in the 1880’s, was enjoyable. For me, the best part of the book was the setting. I’ve always wanted to know about the catastrophic Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood.

In 1889, after several days of heavy rainfall, the earthen damn failed, releasing water in the lake 14 miles above Johnstown and flooding the valley below. The water surge took less than 30 minutes to rush down the mountain and drain the lake. Over 2000 people lost their lives. The details and history fascinate me and the book has old photographs of the lake resort and downstream towns, both before and after the flood. Unbelievable.

When spring returns to the Allegheny Mountains, I want to visit Johnstown and learn all about this historical tragedy.

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  1. Woman in the Photo………my book group just read this…….I missed out but a friend is loaning me hers when her Mom has finished it. Everyone raved about the book and we too want to take a trip to Johnstown. One of our gals is from there so we’re hoping a road trip with her will happen as she’d be a great tour guide!!! ENJOY your warmth and sunshine………always took my sewing machine when we went to the FL Keys for winter and did the same thing as you………perfect to be out on the screened in porch in nature while sewing away!

  2. Terry, I also brought my sewing machine to Florida but haven’t started sewing yet. I loved your post about St. Augustine and need to add that stop on our trip too. Al Roker wrote a very good book on the Johnstown flood last year also.

  3. Looks very vrelaxing. Enjoy!

  4. Terry Lichtenfelt says

    Looks like a lovely place to vacation–where is this?

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