Rain Day

I went to JoAnn’s, bought more interfacing, fused it to my fabric and I’m back in business. I think the rain will last long enough to finish my little zipper bag. 


It’s been quite a while since I put in a zipper. I didn’t do a perfect job but I don’t think it will matter after the pieces are trimmed up. 


I got the hang of it by the third zipper. Along with the help of an excellent online tutorial. The directions that come with the pattern have very few illustrations and are confusing. 


I wanted the outsides of each of the three pockets to be different green fabrics and the interiors to be turquoise. Got that wrong. Oh well. 


In addition to the three zippered pockets, you could use the four other divisions to organize your stuff as well. I think many quilters and sewists (I feel so modern using that word!) make the bag to carry their needlework supplies. 

I want to organize my travel items and replace three pouches with one bag. 


How cute is this! Isn’t it the perfect bag to “squirrel away” my stuff! I know, I know …but I just couldn’t resist! On a side note, I intended to make the bag for my Quilt Bee Christmas exchange gift but I got sick and couldn’t attend the lunch. So now it’s mine!

Ok, the sun can come back out now. 

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