Half Good

I can’t resist showing this picture of my daughter’s new French bulldog puppy. Max is so cute and cuddly and a feisty little guy. Bella was not enthusiastic about having an addition to the family but Kira says she’s more tolerant now.

I’ve been pretty chatty on the blog this week. Not that many readers received the posts because they still aren’t being delivered by email. Apparently Blogger and other aggregate platforms are working and the blog posts are on my website, TerryKramzar.com. One thing fixed– I now get Comments delivered to my email so that I can answer individually. Whoop! Whoop! The gremlins are holding tight to the blog posts but Holly Knott has got’em on the run.

Hence the title “Half Good.” Blog repair status — not the little dogs! If you receive a post in your inbox, please let me know. I’m seriously ready for “All Good.”

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  1. I am getting your posts in feedly! And the new pup is cute!

  2. Holly Knott says

    Max is adorable!! And thanks for the plug – it has been quite the process, hasn’t it?

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