Workin’ On It

I have been working in my studio like a crazy woman. But sewing and quilting hasn’t kept me from blogging. No. It’s been the gremlins. I received such an encouraging response to my question, should I continue with my blog, that I immediately followed up with a second post. But hardly anyone received it. Including me! I signed myself up to receive my blog by email so that I could make sure it was sent. Well, the gremlins got in there and published the blog entry on my website but failed to deliver to readers receiving by email. Wretched creatures, gremlins. Can you hear them snickering?

So I am trying to get this sorted out and it’s aggravating beyond belief and not easy. I had to bake (and eat too many) oatmeal scotchie cookies just to deal with the stress. Gary helped. Eat cookies, that is. If I didn’t have wonderful Holly Knott, website creator and technology wizard working with me, I’d be thumping around hunting for gremlins with a flashlight and gunny sack.

I have confirmed that the list of readers signed up by email is still valid. So this is a test post to see what happens. Hopefully those gremlins have crawled back into their dark lairs. I want to show the Jack-in-the-pulpit quilt I hope to finish tomorrow. And the lady slippers and snow drops and lots of other projects. Seriously, I can’t eat any more cookies.

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  1. Terry, I also adore your creations although my responses are so often late because of a health problem.
    Not only is your work motivational it shares colors & designs that may influence others with more color, i.e. the black lines that so beautifully enhance our works. Please, do not leave us!

  2. I got it! Love Oatmeal Scotchies…mmmm

  3. Holly Knott says

    Snow drops will make a gorgeous quilt!

  4. Leslie Skibo says

    So happy to see you are back! Love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts. Gremlins begone!

  5. Gremlins 2. Terry 0.

  6. Oh do not stop blogging Terry! Your blog is so fun to read! I love what is going on with that quilt in progress!

    • I’m sewing on the sleeve right now. 9pm. I need to deliver at 10 tomorrow morning. Why did I procrastinate? I never learn!

  7. Gail Morgan says

    Me, too, I want a cookie.

  8. Holly Knott says

    Ooooh, I’ll take a cookie! 🙂

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