Thank You!

Wow. It’s hard to write when you’re speechless! Thank you all so very much for your encouragement and kind words. Your comments have sparked my enthusiasm. I will continue to blog with this format. My Mom’s comment wrapped it up, “the yeses have spoken.”

I walked around Longwood Gardens yesterday and the Christmas display is up until January 6. How cool is this birdhouse tree! There are two evergreen trees on either side with treats for birds (and marauding squirrels) that Longwood volunteers replenish daily. So the whole scene is a-twitter with feeding wildlife.

At night the birdhouses are illuminated. Hands down, my favorite Christmas tree at Longwood this year.

There are over 200 birdhouses that will be donated when the tree is dismantled. Do you think they would miss one? I confess… I might have carried out the occasional fallen bloom or interesting leaf over the years. It would be very wrong to jack a birdhouse, I know! But I want one of those big owl houses at the bottom.

My daughter Kira has been waging war. Voles. These voracious tiny beasts devour the roots of every plant on the property. She has tried all kinds of things to eradicate the rodents to no avail. She recently put up this owl house to entice residents to belly up to the vole smorgasbord. Free food! Luxury accommodations! Sadly, so far, no takers. Owls are quite picky about their real estate. She targeted a specific owl (on the vole diet plan) but she thinks she may not have gotten the house high enough. For this mom, that ladder is waaay high enough- gulp. I’m really hoping some owls move in this Spring.

Please note, I really enjoy your comments. They make my day! I was so excited to see names I have been missing and new names I’m not acquainted with yet. For some deeply aggravating reason, WordPress will no longer send the blog comments to my email. So until I get this resolved I will answer from the blog. I appreciate your reading and I’m excited to reconnect with y’all and to share my ramblings. Thank you!

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  1. Gary Kramzar says


  2. Holly Knott says

    Just a test…

  3. Holly Knott says

    Love the owl house, too!

  4. Holly Knott says

    Absolutely love the Longwood birdhouse tree!

  5. Welcome back! That birdhouse tree is amazing! Hope your daughter can convince the owl to come live with her!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I love owls. If I hear two calling to each other, I stay awake until they stop. I hope she gets a nesting pair!

  6. Gail Morgan says

    I think she may be correct. The suggested height for Barn Owls is 12 feet. IMHO – Not from a stepladder!

    • She is considering putting it up higher but I hope she uses one of those nice buckets on a crane— like the electric company trucks!

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