Staging a Comeback

I have not written a blog post since June 2018. I really wondered if I wanted to continue with the blog. Many bloggers have moved to Facebook or Instagram. I hate Facebook, I considered Instagram. I miss writing. I miss connecting with readers through their comments. So I’m thinking about reviving the blog. Will I have any readers or have you all moved on to other social media platforms? I love to share quilt related projects, books I’m reading, wandering and exploring or Longwood Gardens rambles. I’m always very contemplative at the start of a new year. What will the next 12 months be like? So please tell me. Do you still enjoy reading blogs? Should I continue my blog in 2019?

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope there will be good health, meaningful work and satisfying relaxation, bountiful days of enjoying family and friends and some amazing surprises to highlight your journey this year.

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  1. Soooooooo happy you are back to blogging! I’m a big fan and always inspired by your blogs. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Terry,
    I too despise Facebook! I was caught in that last debacle of stolen information—mine–why–I only wrote relatives to keep in touch–but indeed they had been taken. Facebook was so insistent that I return & once put me back themselves. So unnecessary & off-putting.

    So yes, continue “blogging” & I too enjoy your walks, hikes, & Beautiful Longwood. Thank you ever so much for your generosity.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Juanita McCaffrey says

    I’d say the yeses have spoken, and I agree

  4. Denise McCaffrey says

    Yes! Please keep blogging! You are truly an inspiration.

  5. Linda Bellman says

    Please keep blogging and I will follow you.

  6. Linda bellman says

    Please keep blogging and I will follow.

  7. Gail Morgan says

    Keep up the blog. Love hearing…and seeing what you are doing/creating. The blog helps m e feel like I’m part of a big think-tank of quilt ideas.

  8. Yes, I miss your blog! Love hearing about what you are doing. Loved your class.


    Yes, please blog again. I will read a blog any day. I don’t care for FB or Instagram personally. I really enjoyed the books you recommended.

  10. Missed your interesting posts .. please start to post again. Always getting new ideas.

  11. Definitely keep your blogs coming – love them!!

  12. Suelynn Williams says

    I really like reading your blog when it arrives by email. I like seeing your quilts and pictures of your quilter friends and their quilts. You go to beautiful places and take wonderful photos which I often show to my husband. I hope you keep writing your blog.

  13. keep your blogs coming. I miss them

  14. Dee Van Ingen says

    Truly want you to continue your blog!!!!!!! Have missed it immensely……

  15. Please start blogging again. I’ve missed it a lot. I don’t mind it by email and would prefer not to have to go through Facebook or Instagram. Hope you decide to continue.

  16. Yes, I too would love to continue reading your blog.

  17. Joan Vodar says

    Yes, I would definitely love reading your blog. Your class at the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Show was one of my highlights of learning — fun, as well as informative! Love your beautiful work….

  18. Lynn Pilquist says

    Yes, I would enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  19. Marie cirafesi says

    Yes, please. Love your work.

  20. Judy Sarsgard says

    I love your work and it’s tie to nature. I prefer the blog format and hope you will continue.

  21. Laura wacker says

    Yes!!! I love the blog and all your photos! I have missed it and I miss you! And your writing is always interesting and truly amusing! Welcome back, The Blog!

  22. Yes Terry! Keep blogging! I love reading every single post.

  23. Yes please blog. Lov seeing your works in process

  24. Janis Trepper says

    I’ve never been on Facebook or do I plan to. I would love to know your schedule for workshops this year. I enjoyed your lecture in November, but was not able to attend your workshop the next day. Have the Happiest New Year!

  25. Beverly Sensabaugh says

    Yes, please keep blogging. I am not on Facebook and don’t plan to be.

  26. Terry, yes, please come back and chat. Love your art work (have taken one of your classes), your walking adventures and those fab pics of the Gardens at Longwood. I don’t do Facebook but I find Instagram inspirational and I find my “tribe” out there.

  27. Stephanie Hironimus says

    Terry, I have missed your blog and would love for you to revive it!! I have always enjoyed nature, but your adventures inspire me to get outside more & share the outside world with my young daughter. And your quilting projects are an added bonus!! Yes, please come back!!

  28. Marilyn Martens says

    Please keep the blog…I am another person that does not do facebook anymore.

  29. Lorie ingersoll says

    Yes, please continue. I’ve missed reading your blogs. I follow some others but find yours to be refreshingly real and funny.

  30. I love the blog!!

  31. I very much enjoy reading your blog postings. I do Facebook but I don’t mind getting your blogs by email. I vote for staying with the blog format.

  32. Hollace Rutkowski says

    Please keep blogging. You are an inspiration and I love hearing about what you are working on. I have a quilt I am almost done with I am hoping you will finish up for me.

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