I challenged myself to create four new quilts and five, mini framed pieces for the Malvern Retreat Art Show. Everything had to be delivered yesterday morning. I finished the last quilt, Jacks, at 10 pm the night before. Whew! Just made it by the skin of my teeth!

I have a love affair going with Jack-in-the-Pulpit wild flowers that almost rivals my attraction to Trilliums. Jacks emerge in wet areas of the forest early in Spring when very little else is ready to brave the cool temperatures. Gotta love them for courage alone!

Then there’s the variation. I’ve seen tiny Jack-in-the-Pulpits, only an inch or two tall, and so lightly green they’re actually transparent. I wonder if I could use a sparkly sheer organza to capture their magic in fabric? The darker Jacks, sometimes called Black Jacks, range in color from deep greens and blues all the way to gorgeous purple stripes.

I wanted to create the look of a dark forest floor for the background of my quilt. All the fabric edges are raw and I stitch them down with glittery metallic threads and lots of variegated colored threads. In an upcoming post, I’ll show how I construct this “palette” for the appliquéd flowers.

My quilt “Jacks” is finished and delivered! I didn’t have enough time with this quilt before it left the studio and I actually won’t mind if it doesn’t find a buyer. I have to say, I’m longing to see Jacks growing in the woods but I’m ok with not making them in fabric for a while. It will take until Spring just to fold and put away the green and brown fabric I have thrown about and piled all over every single surface in my sewing room.

If you are anywhere near Malvern, Pennsylvania, come and see the Art Show at Malvern Retreat House. It’s a wonderful show that supports a good cause. And if you happen to love Jack-in-the-Pulpit wild flowers (or maybe Trilliums, Snowdrops and Ladyslippers!) You can enjoy a Spring preview.

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  1. I do think they are fairly adaptable. I see the big ones at Longwood Gardens in dryer areas also.

  2. Holly Knott says

    I’ve never seen a tiny jack – now I have to look for them. We have one very large one that pops up every year but it’s on the side of our hill in dry shade, not moist. Weird!

  3. I love the touch of blue! It makes them look even more exotic! I will try and get there this week. Are you the only fiber artist?

    • I hope the deep freeze doesn’t keep people home. I know there is at least one more fiber artist. I’m anxious to see her work! Thanks, Kelly

  4. Sujata Shah says

    Terry, You have captured the dark forest floors and colors of the woods perfectly. I am just going to dream with this image in my mind that I am walking in the gallery with you and seeing this quilt in person. By the way, that sheer organza sounds like a great idea.

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