We are deep in the Polar Vortex here in Pennsylvania. Alexa just told me the temperature is 6 and the high today will be 17. That probably sounds balmy to folks in the Midwest who are experiencing subzero temperatures. When I backpacked through the Smokey Mountains, one night the temperature dropped to 17 degrees. I was actually toasty in my big down sleeping bag. Crawling out of that cocoon in the morning was an eye opening, teeth chattering experience tho.

After my quilting and sewing marathon of the past few weeks, it’s time for a deep clean in my studio. I use a wire basket system to store my fabric when it’s not in piles and drifts all over the place. Watching the Netflix series, “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo, I got inspired.

I didn’t think this rolled and folded “stand’em up” method would work for fabric like it does for socks, but wow! So much better! I can pull out the drawer and see at a glance every fabric in there.

I used to just stack the fabric in random piles by color and then root through the layers, making a mess trying to find the one piece I wanted.

I’d be jumping up and down doing a Snoopy dance of Joy if it wasn’t for the realization that I’ve Konmaried the two easy drawers– and have 25 to go. Well, while the enthusiasm lasts, it will be good!

If you are staying warm inside and need a good read, I loved this book. It reminded me of reading “The Light Between Oceans,” another book I enjoyed. Both stories involve lighthouse keepers but the setting in “The Light-Keepers Daughters,” is an island in Lake Superior, near the coast of Canada. Many years ago, (many…) Gary and I canoed through the wilderness waters of Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, very near the tiny island in the book. I do have a fascination with lighthouses and it was interesting to read about the shipping lanes in Lake Superior. Lighthouse keepers there got a reprieve in winter months because the lake froze solid.

Keep warm!

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  1. Terri Vopat says

    Ok..that does it! When are you two coming to Lighthouse heaven, Door County WI? Will be calling you😊

  2. I feel like cleaning up makes me feel so much more creative! Looking good!

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