Six Weeks

Yeaaaaa! Six weeks to the day, after fracturing my right ankle, I got in my car and did a test drive around the cul du sac to make sure I could brake and operate the vehicle safely. I got the green light from the doctor on Friday to re-enter the world beyond the couch. Over the moon delirious happiness!

My “maiden voyage” was a trip out to Lancaster County of course. Quilt shops! Serious fabric shopping! Well, my friend Christine really did most of the driving. She needed to take her sewing machine to Hinkletown for servicing, but the real excitement of the trip was to meet our West Coast friend, Sujata, who was in New Holland visiting relatives.

What a fun little cafe! That’s the owner in front of Lickity Split where delicious sandwiches and ice cream are on the menu. Also, Dill Pickle Soup. What? Yeah, that sounds kinda weird… was it ever good! It’s like a creamy potato soup with bits of dill pickles. The nice staff didn’t mind that we occupied the table darn near the entire day. So much to catch up on! Quilt Show and Tell, world travels mixed in with kids and grand kids — Sujata will be a new grandmom very soon. We spent all our time reconnecting and enjoying each other’s company. We didn’t have time for fabric shopping.

Not a problem at all, I’ll be back soon for a serious F.A.R.T. — Fabric Acquisition Road Trip. Christine and I did score some gorgeous strawberries and fresh asparagus. I was thinking champagne would be nice to celebrate getting back on two legs but a strawberry milkshake…..that’ll work!

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  1. Christine says

    Great report! What a fun day!!

  2. Andra H Rudershausen says

    Congrats on becoming a free woman again. When you want to actually go fabric shopping, give me a call!
    Maybe we could do a little lunch too….. xoAndra

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