Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s, especially my own. I hope your day is wonderful in every way, with lots of flowers and treats and spending time relaxing and having a fun day with those you love the most.

Last weekend I had a nice visit with daughter Kira and sweet grand-dog, Bella. This weekend I got to hang out with my son Tanner and grand-daughters Avarie and Kenzie. Gary got pressed into service helping with some shirt dyeing. He was very concerned about things other than the designated shirts being dyed– like decks, tables, dogs, hair, your sister, etc.

We sent Tanner back to Roanoke fully loaded. He and I bought those kayaks when he was about 12 years old. There is a bike rack on the back end of the car too, that will carry 4 bikes. I can’t wait to paddle and ride with those two girls! I’d settle for walking and being able to drive, tho. I’m impatient beyond belief to get off the couch and back to normal but I’m able to crutch-walk now and I’ve pretty gotten good at stairs– don’t even have to go up and down on my butt anymore. Progress!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has emailed and left comments. Hearing from you and being encouraged by your kind words has meant the world to me. By the way, something has gone flooey with my WordPress Blog and it has stopped sending comments to my email. No matter how I reset or change the settings, it publishes my reply to the blog instead of emailing back to you. Blasted technology. I’m workin’ on fixing this!

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