Couch and Crocus Quilt Finish

Languishing on the couch like a lady of leisure– sucks. At least I have Season Three of Outlander to binge-watch. I was number 759 on 2 copies that I had on the hold list at the library. Ok, that number might not be exact, but the list was long. What great timing to finely get it! Now if I could just get to the kitchen to make popcorn. Where is that personal assistant?

After doing a Scarlet O’Hara (I’ll think about that tomorrow) on connecting the crocus blocks, the time had come to sew in the backgrounds. I placed the flowers in color drifts without measuring the spacing because I didn’t want the blocks to look regimental.

I knew that I would have to use partial seaming. I left about an inch of the seam open on both sides of the center crocus block so that I could add the next piece.

This type of construction can become a nightmare fiasco very quickly. The quilt top needs to stay flat and square. This is another reason I used 1 inch gridded paper. I positioned the crocus block on a grid line and just counted the number of inches up and down to determine the size background piece I needed. A quarter inch all around was added for the seam allowance but I always cut bigger and square up to the exact size on my mat.

The quilt got too big for the design wall so I worked on the floor, slipping the gridded paper underneath when needed.

Some of the background blocks included little green leaf shoots to carry the theme and break up large spaces.

It’s really important to keep the top square. I used my biggest mat and lined up additional cutting mats. How about that big T-Square! One of the carpet installers Gary used in house renovations left it behind and it became mine. Some quilters use two laser-light levels. If I find any of those laying around, they’ll become mine too!

Here is a close up of background fabrics chosen and ready to be sized and sewn into the quilt.

I added the two borders on the sides and the top was complete.

I loaded the top on my longarm machine and quilted little leaves, plumes, feathers, plant shapes and berries in a free-form organic meander. I quilted four leaf clovers in green thread so they would stand out just a little.

It was hard to decide on a backing fabric. I almost always leave my options open until the top is finished. I had originally planned to use the same colorful fabric used in the borders but when I returned to the quilt shop– it was gone. Now I’m glad I selected a more neutral fabric because I like the texture of the quilting.

I was very happy with the way the quilt turned out. Just one last thing needed.

Erin sent me this lovely Irish Blessing to print on fabric for the label. The quilt has been gifted and I know it will be a reminder of cherished memories, not just of a beloved grandmother but also the love of family. Thank you to Erin, Kevin and Brian and to everyone who allowed me to join in this tribute.

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  1. Kelly P Meanix says

    We are up to date on Outlander, you’re going to love it! The quilting really turned out well , I can see why you are so happy with it!

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    Wow Terry! Just beautiful! The top is spectacular and the quilting is over the top beautiful. I love that you used a solid back – really lets you appreciate the beautiful quilting. Great job! and a wonderful tribute

  3. Big Outlander fan here, hope you enjoyed season 3. I subscribe to Starz through Amazon Prime just for this show! I’ve been working my way through all the books too – Diana Gabaldon sure can tell a good story. Love the finished quilt and your quilting is awesome! I am so impressed you got it all done while in a boot! Hope the leg is healing well!

    • Thank you! I’d be embarrassed to say how many times I’ve read the Outlander books. I love the Starz show even more. I think they managed to really bring the characters to life.

  4. Christine says

    Absolutely wonderful. Stunning as the front is, the back is beautiful in another way. (And thanks for the Outlander heads up)

    • Thank you! It’s all I can do to keep rom watching every single episode but I want to draw out the pleasure

  5. Timothy OShea says

    Terry: Thank you very much for your kind support of Erin’s wishes. Janet shares the quilt with everyone who comes into our home and always sheds a tear
    as she shows the quilt. You all made Janet very happy. Love and Best Wishes. Tim

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