I haven’t been slacking on quilt work– just dragging my heels on blog posts. It’s been so drab and dreary and cold around these Northeast parts that I’ve stayed inside and sewed and quilted with colorful fabric to keep my spirits up.

I like this pattern by Katie Blakesley but I decided to make the blocks scrappy and have the blocks be the the entire quilt instead of a double row down the center of white panels. Well, that’s not gonna work. It’s hard to believe that my blocks are laid out in the same, off-set configuration. I’ve totally lost the design.

So I made a whole bunch more blocks and tried another design. I’m not really crazy about this layout either. Life Savor, anyone? The plan was for this to be a bed quilt, possibly queen size but the way it’s going right now, I may demote it to a throw.

I’ve been quilting for customers. What a fun quilt! Lots of the circles have been fussy cut with hidden messages. Leslie gave me permission to show her quilt but I can’t reveal the secrets because I’m bound by client/ longarmer confidentially.

Very simple, “sorta straight” line quilting was all this top needed to allow the fabrics and colors to be the focus.

Sometimes the quilting works to reinforce the design. These solid shot cottons were beautiful before adding quilting.

The texture of the quilting enhanced this quilt without being intrusive. I love the way Leslie included just a few patterned fabrics to keep it interesting.

It was hard to let this quilt return to the owner. What a dynamic piece of art! I can picture this quilt on a light gray painted wall. Will she hang it with the “V’s” horizontal or vertical? Either way, it is a commanding statement of color.

And now for something completely different! Another customer is getting a jump on her Christmas gifts and had me quilt Santa. She will finish the wall hanging with button eyes and a tassel on the hat and other ornament embellishments.

I love the diversity of longarm quilting for customers. Sometimes the makers have a good idea of what quilting they want. More often, it’s a collaboration of ideas. I get to work on tops that I probably wouldn’t make and quilt tops that I wish I had made! I get ideas and inspiration from each project.

Now if I can just come up with a solution for those Life Savor blocks.

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  1. Leslie Skibo says:

    Thanks for the great quilting, Terry! Your work definitely brings my tops to life and adds so much texture. Many thanks for your beautiful work

  2. Great longarm quilting – especially love the shot cotton quilt. For your blocks, what about keeping the circles intact, but setting each “row” of circles off by a half circle – not sure if I am describing well what I can see in my head, but I think it would give you some more movement than the current setting, but not as wild as the original.

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