Circle Game

I’ve got this song stuck in my head, something about “….round and round and round in the circle game.” It’s pouring down rain and I just want to sew all day. But these blocks refuse to cooperate. I love to use a pattern for a bed quilt because the thinking is all done and you can just sew. Unless you try to get creative and it all goes awry. I’m stuck. What to do?

1. Go back to a blank slate and start over.

2. Reorder the units to see them in a different way.

This is the scrappy block. What if I try to keep the color more uniform, like the pattern?

Yuck. Just yuck.

What if I mix up the colors but control the block?

Still yuck. That wishy-washy gray/green fabric has to go.

Stronger– maybe not Full On Yuck but not not in love. Still stuck.

3. Take a walk.

Can’t (or don’t wanna) it’s cold and pouring down rain. This was yesterday. Sigh.

4. Go Fabric Shopping.

I really need more of the bright coral fabric. Can’t, shops closed on Sunday.

5. Clean up something.

See my nice organized bookshelf! I sorted through stacks and stacks of books into Keep and Donate piles. Added benefits, cardio workout hauling books upstairs– to be dealt with later…. and! Gary and I can now walk through the living room.

6. Work on something else.

I could/should finish quilting a background grid on my appliqué top. Nope. Just not feelin’ it.

7. Rip out. Frog. Unsew.

Thirty two already sewn together blocks. Noooooo! Not. Right. Now.

8. Put the project away.

Box up everything and chuck it into a dark closet. There is quite a bit of appeal to this idea but I fear the damn thing will develop a voice I can hear calling me…. Terry….I’m in heerre…..

9. Ask friends for Help.

Jennifer in Indy left a comment, “keep the circles intact, but set each “row” of circles off by a half circle.” Oh wow! Not Yuck! I’m liking this! But…. I have Thirty Two blocks to take apart….. soon….

10. Relax. Drink a glass of wine.

I’m all over this solution. See that bottle of Patchwork? My Mom sent me that and I’ve been saving it for a Sewing Get Away with the Bee– wouldn’t want my friends to develop the dreaded Lint Lung. I need to do some forward thinking with decisions here. The bottle has a screw top. Clearly, this wine was not meant to make it to a sewing retreat.

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  1. I remember that song from Girl Scout camp – Carousel of Time! It was one I loved, but I can only remember bits and pieces of it now. I like the new layout, maybehave your bee friends over for an “unstitching” party!

  2. Christine says

    I was OK with first circle layout but staggered rows is a better one probably. Funny report…as usual.

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