Thunder Snow

Ho hum. Another day. Another Nor’easter.

I have a customer top loaded and ready to quilt. But I’m nervous about having my longarm machine plugged in. We might lose power like we did with Nor’easter Two– or was it Nor’easter Three? We might have Thunder Snow.

Its a good day for piecing colorful blocks together. I love to have a project all cut out and ready to go. I call these “get-a-way” blocks because I bring them along on sewing weekends with friends at the shore or in the mountains or– last year at this time, Florida… I think I’ll rename them”Snow Day” projects. Looks like I carefully counted the pieces and now I have no idea what those numbers mean.

I also can’t remember where I saw the pattern. Pinterest maybe. My quilt will be all pieced scrappy blocks. I’m not slapping huge snowy white panels on the sides. Do you ever wonder if Modern Quilters just don’t have a lot of stamina?

So I set up my little travel Bernina machine in my kitchen. If we do get some crazy power surge or outage, it’s a lot less expensive to blow out than my regular, serious Bernina, in the cabinet in my sewing room. I’m also closer to the chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Wait–what cookies? I didn’t get any “snow food.” That was dumb. Ok. I’m ready to risk Thunder Snow.

I also have a good book to read if the heat goes off and I have to get out my huge, thick down sleeping bag. It would be nice if I had some cookies…. did you know they have YouTube trailers for books? Check it out!

This isn’t gonna melt by tomorrow. Did I mention Gary is stranded in Houston where he is making the best of it, playing golf in short sleeves? I might have some attitude going today. I’m trying to be positive but it’s darn hard without cookies.

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  1. Christine says:

    Bake, you silly goose!

  2. This snow sucks, big time.

  3. Donna Thomas says:

    You crack me up!! No cookies?! That’s a sin!! And Gary… sheesh. My bestie lives in Florida so I send her videos of here and she returns with videos of the beach! Got to get it where you can! Hope you still have power! And this is the 4th Nor Easter!!

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