Happy Easter

And happy April Fool’s Day and good bye to March all rolled into one. It’s been a very busy month and I’m glad to move ahead. Bring on the daffodils!

In Kennett Square, we celebrate when our ice cream shop opens for the season. We had a lovely 70 degree day perfect for…well, anything! Definitely sitting outside and enjoying the sun on your face.

I want to say thank you to everyone who expressed concern over the dire cookie situation. It has been remedied!

Sadly, chocolate chip cookies and our lucky hats were not enough to get the West Virginia Mountaineers into the Final Four. There is a silver lining to the loss, however. Now I don’t have to watch basketball any longer and I’m free to cheer along with all my local friends. Go Villa Nova!

There is a new crop of babies making grandmothers smile in the Sometimes We Do quilt Bee. My friend Christine says these Krinkle Squares are baby favorites. Just layer up 3 squares of cellophane between 2 cute fabric squares, right sides together. Cut everything about 6 inches square. Sew all the way around, leaving a few inches on one side to turn right sides out. Sew opening closed. Get ready to pinch cheeks!

I’ve also been working on these blocks. I love the fresh colors but by making it scrappy, I’ve lost the dominant pattern.

I have 2 design walls in my studio and both are covered with 4 quilts in progress. Yep, I’m all over the place, no focus! As soon as I free up some space, I’m going to try some different design options with those blocks.

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  1. Kelly P Meanix says:

    I love that quilt pattern! Bring on the warm weather!

  2. Christine says:

    I’d love to be a bug in your wall as you spin back and forth between all of the projects. And I would enjoy the placing of these block.

  3. Happy Easter! Snow is coming tomorrow night into Monday morning😂. Hello April. Can’t wait till Jake can play with his crinkle square…so cute!
    Love your fabrics for the Charleston Square Quilt

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