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You’ve got to be kidding me. We have barely recovered from a fierce Nor’easter this weekend and now they are predicting another one, waiting in the wings, ready to go midweek. And it’s going to be worse, with “plowable snow.” Well, plans gone awry yet again. I was hoping to quilt this appliqué top I made several years ago on my longarm machine but I can’t have the machine plugged in, even with a surge protector, when the wind is howling and the lights are flickering on and off.

I love hand appliqué. This is Edyta Sitar’s, “Midnight Blooms” pattern, all turned edge. I’m hand-quilting on a different quilt, with no end in sight and hoped to get this top finished in my lifetime. I also wanted to try out my new Quick Change presser feet.

Gammill has made specialty feet for the longarm and all three have been recommended to stitch closely next to appliqué. The first, an open toe foot, I didn’t like because it didn’t work well with rulers. The second foot is cup-shaped and glides right over bulky seams like a dream. That will come in handy when quilting T-shirt quilts. But why didn’t Gammill fabricate the foot from clear plastic, like other longarm manufacturers have done? You can’t see the line you want to stitch through the black metal. The tiny foot is for trapunto. It didn’t catch on the appliqué as frequently as the regular foot, but the stitches were just a little too far from the edge for my taste.

I decided the best of the lot was the “spoon” foot and outlined all the shapes with it, hoping I would get better with practice. I used Superior Threads new MicroQuilter, a 100 weight polyester thread in Taupe, in top and bobbin. I have always used invisible thread to outline– and cussed a lot. MicroQuilter is so much easier to use, adds just a bit of blending color and is so fine that if you catch the appliqué, it doesn’t show much. Loved the thread, the spoon foot– not so much. I am much more accurate and controlled with the regular quarter inch foot and a ruler guide.

So when I wasn’t pacing back and forth, waiting for the power to come back on, I was reading this appropriately titled book. My friend Jane recommended it and now the whole Quilt Bee is getting nothing done. (Include Gary in that– reading the book, getting nothing done– not the Bee!)

The book revolves around Kate Burkholder who grew up in the Amish community. She returned to this small peaceful town as a chief of police. The story takes place in rural Ohio but could easily be Lancaster County, close to my home. Linda Castillo weaves the Amish belief and lifestyle into the murder mystery series and sometimes quilts make an appearance in solving the crime.

I think there are 10 books in the series. They really don’t have to be read in order but after reading Book 8, I thought I would go back to Book 1 and happily read on. However, SOMEONE has checked out or reserved the digital and library hard copies for Books 2 through 7. Seriously? I WILL FIND YOU.

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  1. Kelly P Meanix says

    The quilt looks great and the book looks good. I am putting it on the list.
    We just got our power back after 4 days. I hope we don’t lose it again!

  2. Christine says

    Have fun finishing this beautiful appliqué quilt. I’m impressed you are hand quilting another. You are too funny in your book review comments. I think I’ve listened to one of these books….can there be another police, Amish-returned protagonist? Good luck with the next storm. Let’s hear it for electricity!

  3. Hollace Rutkowski says

    Love the Burkholder series. Have read them all. The first one twice in error! Was still good the second time. The first one was made into a somewhat interesting made for TV movie. I think Neve Campbell starred. Not sure I have that name right.

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