Snowdrops and Orchids

That’s a bit of a crazy title. Snowdrops are wildflowers that sometimes come up through a drift of snow in February. The orchids I’m referring to are tropical and cultivated in a hothouse conservatory. Here in Pennsylvania we have had two days of summer warm weather– one day was almost 80 degrees! Crazy! The first day, I walked around Nixon Park in Kennett Square and discovered the woods full of snowdrops.

Yesterday I decided to walk around Longwood Gardens ( along with everyone else living in Chester County, surrounding states and varies foreign countries…) and see if snowdrops are blooming there. Of course I got lured into the Orchid Extravaganza Show, on display until March 25.

Spectacular as usual. If you need an infusion of color, orchids won’t let you down. I’ve read that orchids display the most diversity of blooms of any species (that might not be the right botanical term.)

That’s a quilt composition right there. I love those stripes.

I’ve made quilts with orchids as the subject before. I wish they had some Ghost Orchids to see at Longwood.

This huge arch of orchids is beautiful. I’m seeing lots of yellow at the gardens this year.

I walked all over the meadow and through Pierce’s Woods and finely spotted a few blooming snowdrops. Our short sleeve days come to an abrupt end with a cold front moving in. I hope these tiny flowers are hardy enough to survive for a few days so I can revisit them. I think I might be back in the studio making more snowdrops.

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  1. Suelynn Williams says

    I look forward to your pictures and your writing about your walks. The orchids are beautiful. It is snowing in Boise today – coldest it’s been all year!

  2. Hollace A. Rutkowski says

    Be sure to go back in March. They are turning part of the conservatory all blue to match the blue poppies which will be arriving.

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