More Jacks

I’m knee deep in Jack-in-the-Pulpits in my studio. I must have taken hundreds of photos of them over the years. Certainly none are blooming now in dreary, frozen Pennsylvania. I love them because they are some of the first wild flowers to bloom. I’ve been hiking in early spring when the woods are still brown and the trees branches bare. When I come to a shallow stream flowing down the side of a mountain, I often stop for a moment, especially if I’m alone. You can see wonderful things if you remain still and quiet. Once a saw a fisher cat, kind of like a martin, come to the water for a drink! Often I’ve stoped to admire green shoots in wet drainages, thinking it’s skunk cabbage, when suddenly I realize, they’re all jack-in-the-Pulpits!

This is my basket of Ridiculously Small scraps. I can’t throw away tiny bits of my favorite hand-dyed fabrics.

I cut a piece of batting to the size I want for my quilt and iron Wonder Under fusible to one side.

I lay down the scraps, raw edges overlapping slightly, covering the batting.

When I’m pleased with the fabric selections and the batting is all covered, I iron everything to fuse all the bits and pieces.

I stitch with many different threads, some glittery copper metallic, variegated cotton with pops of purple and bright green, and shiny brown rayon. I like the uneven edges so I clipped the threads, leaving tails, to add to the rough look. This really is a fun, freeing technique.

Just a few snips left from the scraps I used. I can actually put these in the trash!

I have created an interesting “forest floor” canvas. Time to build the flowers and leaves on the Teflon sheet. I don’t have a composition drawn out, the plan is to make some Jacks, make a bunch of leaves and then position them on the background.

I’m pretty happy with this layout but I’m going to wait until tomorrow to iron it down so I can look at it with fresh eyes. I can’t wait to start stitching on the flowers.

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  1. Kelly P Meanix says

    Absolutely spectacular and so you! I too love finding them, especially the striped ones!

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    Great technique – thanks for sharing! And can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Beautiful

  3. Love this. It’s looks so pretty. I love your scrappy backdrop technique too. So liberating

  4. Donna Thomas says

    Beautiful!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this wild flower in person but I will be looking on my next hike! Love love the quilt!

  5. Terry, I love your Jack in the Pulpits quilt.! I wish I could make a Jack in the Pulpit quilt like yours!

  6. Andra Rudershausen says

    I love these quilts because….among other reasons… Jack In the Pulpit was one of my mother’s favorite flowers. She always lead a nature walk in our
    woods for her garden club to find spring flowers.
    Sadly, she never taught me much about flowers. I don’t know if I told her I wasn’t interested, or she assumed I wasn’t, or it was her special thing
    and she didn’t want to share. I’d love to ask her! I bet I was a brat, and she gave up. She did always take me to the flower show in Philly to help
    her set up her arrangements. It was a fun time to go because only exhibitors were there and it was never so crowded. I’d shlepp all her stuff in
    and then wander around while she installed her arrnagement. It was always a little magical.

  7. Marsha Moody says

    Just love the jacks. Now this would be a great class to offer up at MAQ I would love to take another class with you!

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