Karma Quilting

Last week was a busy week. There were roses and chocolates, a fun Calico Cutters Guild meting to attend. And I hosted “The Sometimes We Do” Quilt Bee. I made a carrot cake that was devoured too quickly to photograph on the cake stand.

When I woke up on Saturday, the sunrise turned everything pink and orange. We got 3 or 4 inches of snow during the night but by the time I snapped this photo, melting was progressing nicely.

I spotted tiny flowers blooming at Longwood! I know winter may not have had its last hurrah but this week promises temperatures in the 70’s. That’s crazy!

I started this quilt with the firm intention of donating it to the Calico Cutters Quilt Show “Small Quilt Auction.” The quilts must be 16 by 24 inches and that is a perfect size for my Quilting in Layers technique. But when the quilt was finished, I really liked it and didn’t want to let it go!

So I made another quilt, thinking I’d keep the first, donate the second. But then I liked the second quilt too! Clearly, I’m not cut out to be a surrogate quilt mother. So while my Bee friends were here, I had them vote on which quilt should go to the guild auction.

I’m so hoping that someone from the Guild wins the quilt with the snowdrops!

Here’s the thing about Karma. If you put it out there, it comes back to you. I’m having so much fun with this crazy scrappy Quilting in Layers technique! If it worked good on a 16 by 24 inch piece of batting, what about my little 4 inch squares? Oh heck yeah!

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  1. I can’t wait to see who wins. I hope it is someone I know.

  2. Holly Rutkowski says:

    ALL my tickets are going right into the basket to win this one!

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