Don’t Touch!

My Quilt Guild, Calico Cutters, is having a Quilt Show in May. So the Challenge this year was to make small quilted signs to hang near the displayed quilts, reminding viewers that touching the quilts is not allowed. We were encouraged to be really creative and prizes would be awarded by popular vote.

I had a leftover Jack-in-the-Pulpit so I thought it would work with the Leave No Trace ethic encouraged when camping and hiking. I’m not really sure the sentiment will be understood but I certainly want no trace of sticky hands on my quilt.

I printed out several sizes of type and cut bits of fabric to plan the layout.

I traced the letters onto freezer paper and ironed the templates onto fabric pieces that I backed with Wonder Under fusible web.

The words are fused down and I zigzag stitched the panel onto the composition.

I wrote out Leave No Trace on Golden Threads paper and stitched over the letters.

I always like a striped binding.

It was so fun to see the little signs displayed at Guild!

We could only vote for one.

That little one on the bottom is a dire warning! Touch a quilt and you might be removed from the show in handcuffs!

I loved “Keep Your Paws Off!”

I was pleased with how mine looked and it was fun to make. I can’t remember the order, but the makers of the lovely flowered embroidery, the pin cactus “We Get Prickly” and the three bras, all went home with Quilt Shop Gift Certificates. Well done! We had to guess who made each sign, I wish they had read the members names. But it will be fun to find out at the quilt show– not touching, of course.

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  1. Andra Rudershausen says

    This is so fun! Everyone is sooooo creative. I love when you give people an assignment that’s just fun and they go wild.

    Any negative reaction to the cotton picking one? Don’t know exactly how that will play on a wider audience……..

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