All a Memory

I miss my morning walk. Gary and I were in Playa Del Carmen for two weeks.

Note the long sleeves, it was a little chilly at 7 in the morning when we would walk on the beach to Sr. Frogs and back. But the water temperature was a balmy 85 so a few clouds didn’t cramp our style at all.

Paddling up the rivers to the cenotes is my favorite thing. The water is so absolutely clear.

Reading by the pool is the best. I read 6 books in that lounge chair– not admitting to the number of cold beverages consumed. The best book by far was “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life” by Barbara Kingsolver. I think I have read every novel by this author but this book isn’t fiction. It’s a very thought provoking report on the Kingsolver family’s attempt to eat only locally grown food for an entire year.

I would have no problem eating this same, locally grown in Mexico, lunch, every single day.

The paella with fresh caught sea food was amazing too.

So we are back home now with memories of a relaxing vacation in the sun. I’m trying to keep warm with a fire in the fireplace and baking bread– locally sourced thyme from my window sill. I’m looking forward to quilting every day in February.

Maybe Spring will be early this year.

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  1. Not only am I craving the ocean sound and smell, but that food looks so yummy and fresh. And that bread …..

  2. I think I just saw a new book by B Kingsolver.

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