I Have a Plan

Gary and I decided to take a walk.

It was 18 degrees.

The Brandywine River was frozen.

So was I.

The End.

Ok… not the end…today we have a snowing blizzard white-out, Nor’easter. Gary got outa town, business trip to India, where it is 80 degrees. I’m home waiting for the howling winds to ramp up. I better not lose power in this storm because I have a plan.

Sew and quilt and long for Spring.

Read. I have 4 library books stacked up.

Finish knitting socks for my granddaughter.

Binge watch Big Little Lies. I have popcorn, chocolate, Oreos.

So that’s pretty much the plan. Oh, and catch up on writing Blog posts. Lots of Blog posts. I’m so behind. Maybe all these diversions will take my mind off wondering why I’m not in Florida.

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  1. Donna Thomas says

    Just finished season 1 of this show. Hands down amazing!! Enjoy!!

  2. I was wondering what you were thinking with this BOMB CYCLONE hitting! I think you are well prepared to hunker down….let’s give a shout out for electricity in advance! As for us, we are heading to VT to ski.

  3. Kelly P Meanix says

    I think you will love Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman is great!

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