Green, Just Green

How about that cute studio assistant! Bella has been staying with me while Kira was vacationing in Spain and Morocco. My grand-dog had to return home to Manhattan because she’s a working girl now. Bella is making her modeling debut with Kira today. I hope I get photos! It was so much fun having her here. She and I watched all the figure skating on television together, Ladies, Men’s, Pairs, Ice Dance. Not once did she beg for football or try to switch to the Golf channel. Best binge buddy ever!

These past frigid days have kept me inside. I did have some downtime between ice skating competitions, tho. I got all the blocks together on my latest Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt. It’s so interesting how quilters choose color and fabrics. My friend Kelly, over at Pinkadot Quilts is making snow ball quilt blocks and her sewing room is a riot of colors. Mine is green, just green.

Ok– and some brown but definitely Spring is on my mind — as I look out the window at blowing snow. I need to make some framed pieces for an upcoming art show and I’ve wanted to do Jack-in-the-Pulpits for a while.

I just layer up a bunch of scraps on top of a piece of batting and then stitch to secure everything. I’ve left the edges raw because I want a rough, forest floor look.

I apply Wonder Under fusible web to my fabrics and make templates on freezer paper from my line drawing of the flower.

I fuse all the flower pieces on a Teflon sheet, then peel it up as a whole so I can position it on the background.

I had planned to add the stripes and details with stitching but I was afraid it wouldn’t show up well so I free cut some slivers of fabric. I thought about using paint or markers instead, but chickened out. I had already fused the flower down and didn’t want to ruin it with experimenting. I think the details and stitching bring the Jacks to life. All I need to do is glue it down to the cradled wood frame and add hanging wire.

I just don’t want to stop making Jacks. One thing led to another and some blue-purple started to infiltrate. I wonder why?

The colors just look so pretty together. Some Snow Drops would really add to a composition of Jack-in-the-Pulpits.

I’m off to the races with Jacks! I enjoyed making this small quilt, now I’m thinking of going Full On Spring. I could mix in some Trilliums– you saw that coming, right? And what about Lady Slippers!

Here’s a close up of the stitching. I think I like the quilted line better than the slivers of fabric on the framed Jacks. And it’s much faster. I could easily keep making wild flowers in fabric until the real ones bloom. A long darn time from now.

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  1. Terry Nixon says

    OOOhhh, Terry! So beautiful!!!

  2. Judy Sarsgard says

    In Connecticut and sharing dreams of spring. Lovely

  3. Beautiful. I’m very jealous or your productivity. I’m not getting much done over here😧

  4. Kelly P Meanix says

    It’s good to be green, I couldn’t resist…..Your Jacks are amazing. I need to try the slap the fabrics down and sew on top of it. Looks like fun!

  5. Peggy Hallowell says

    Terry lov the Jacks and the snow drops. You’ve inspired me to put together my Bonnie Hunter project!

  6. Lynne Laino says

    Oh my gosh Terry, you’re amazing!! And it’s even more special in the cold weather here! My grandmother always had Jack plants and you’ve sure done them beautifully!!

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