The Child Finder

I think the adjective “really” is so over-used. I try to avoid using it. But I have to say, “The Child Finder” by Rene Denfeld is a really– no, make that– really, really good book.

So I’ve been thinking, what makes a book really good?

1. The first page of the story holds you like a vice grip.

2. Everything gets put on hold, customer quilts needing long-arm quilting, Christmas gift sewing, books you are supposed to be reading for discussion, blogging– (I know, I know…) Everything.

3. No actual meals get prepared because breakfast, lunch and dinner get devoured straight from the bag, wood-chipper style. Cookies, potato chips, whatever.

4. You don’t leave the house at all because you, Can’t. Put. The. Book. Down.

5. Husband. What husband?

6. The last few pages are super hard to read because the tears in your eyes make it hard to see the words.

7. When you finely close the book, you sit in awe for a nano second. Then grab the iPad and relief is palpable when Google reveals other books written by the author.

8. Write an entire blog post about the book. Yeah, it was that good.

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  1. YIKES!!! Going to find it right now.

  2. Lynne Laino says

    Wow!! Just put a hold on it at the library, thanks Terry!

  3. Betsy Schneekloth says

    That is quite an endorsement. I put it on my Goodreads “to read” list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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