A Splash of Christmas

For the last several years, Gary and I have decamped to Hilton Head over the Christmas holidays. This year we decided to stay home and we invited lots of friends for dinner parties and get togethers. Oh crap! I have to decorate.

The front door seriously needs a bower of fresh greens draped above the lintel and cascading down. Twinkling white lights would be a lovely touch as well. Not gonna happen, tho. I’m pretty sure I don’t even own any kind of Christmas lights. Last year, in a frenzy of decluttering, I attacked the Christmas stuff and got rid of– maybe everything. Gulp.

Thank goodness for lots of red roses and the Quilt Bee gift exchanges. I love being reminded of my friends when I use the gifts I’ve received over the years. Susie made this table runner.

This year I received a table topper made by Joan. I love the shape and I can use it year round. Thank you, Joan!

I created a low table scape with my nativity set brought back from Mexico. I need lots of room for appetizers.

It’s cold enough for a welcoming fire. St. Nick looks on, reminding me that we live in Wyeth country. I haven’t been to the Brandywine River Museum at Christmas for years. Time for a return visit.

I’ve been happily cooking for three days but doing the flower arrangements brings me to my knees. I always leave it to the last minute then it’s a crazy scramble to find the right vases. I never have enough greens and I grab a scissors– where is the real clipper? Who knows? I’m a mad woman chopping off whatever I can get in the backyard. Lucky for me, it was a good year for holly berries.

The red bear paw quilt can stay up through Valentines Day, woo hoo! I love this quilt. I made the blocks with red fabric donations from friends almost 30 years ago, and it’s all hand quilted.

Michele made this perfect fit table runner. I can’t remember when I started this little wall hanging quilt. I got the top finished then put it in the que to be quilted, maybe 10 years ago. Why didn’t I just finish it? I don’t know, but this is why you gotta love UFO’s. I hauled it out, machine quilted, sewed on the binding, –boom done! Got another Christmas decoration!

The house smells delicious, the table is set, the fireplace is glowing, there are splashes of Christmas in the house. Pop that champagne cork and bring on the friends!

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  1. Yes, that’s you alright! Remember staying up until all hours making the most beautiful Christmas Cards for special people (I got one!)?
    This was instead of studying your Math, of course! I’m sure you remember…
    And then, putting the finishing touches on your wedding dress and veil, only to forget the veil. I still think of the calm that descended on you as you straightened up, put a smile on and said “I’ll just get married without a veil.”
    Ahhh, memories!
    Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas T and G from Wisconsin!

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!!! You do crack me up as I can imagine you running around, muttering to yourself and Gary staying casually out of the way. The quilts and greens are all that one needs. Oh! A few roses? Heck, yeah.

  3. Peggy Hallowell says

    Looks beautiful!!

  4. Looks beautiful. I’m proud of you

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