Years End

I had such a fun time last week in Fayetteville, New York with the Towpath Quilters. Not enough time! I have given up on trying to take photos during a workshop because it’s too busy and intense. Ok, I mostly just get involved and forget. I want to return someday and ride my bike on the Erie Canal Towpath Trail and be able to explore the area.

Aha…my final lecture and workshop for this year. I just dumped everything in my studio. I’ll organize the stuff and put it away later. I’m so anxious to get sewing on a few quilts I’ve had planned.

Auditioning some silk center squares to add to these blocks. I feel like more flower appliqué is needed.

I’m enjoying lazing about! Cleaning up my sewing room. Starting some new quilts. Reading books. The cleaning and sewing (and cooking and everything else) were on hold while I finished Tana French’s latest novel. I’ve read all the books written by this author and if you like suspenseful detective stories, I highly recommend Tana French. There is new Irish slang vocabulary to learn because the author is Irish and the setting is always Ireland. I love that the cast of characters is familiar throughout the books, but the lead detective changes. I wish they would make a Netflix series with the stories. I’d be binge watching!

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  1. Kelly P Meanix says

    I am with Chris about the elephant! I will check out the book too.

  2. Adding Tana to my list. Get going on the above quilt. I looked at it for a few moments…all I could see was an elephant eating those leaves. But I know it will be wonderful. We

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